I love that Italians use the phrase, "Stai tranquila." It essentially means "relax" or very literally, "be tranquil" (just not he same effect, eh?)... Anyhow, I love how it rolls off of their tongues and how it reminds me to stay chilled out about life...to take it one day at a time, "piano piano" (little by little) as they say.

Here's a "tranquil" Saturday... balloon making brought to you by Thomas, complete with fairy wings (I was vastly impressed), as well as a little ukelele lesson and a sleeping boy who reminded me of a sleeping newborn and made me want to curl up next to him, kiss the bridge of his nose and take a deep breath in his hair, soaking in all of his boy smells. On days like this, I know it's true that joy comes in the morning.


Here's my girl, Keziah Psalter, six years old. She currently wants to be a rock star for Jesus. I say go for it. Psalter means "worshipper" and I think she came out hitting an octave that made my ears ring...so much that I turned to my mom, who delivered her, and asked "Is that normal?" This girl is something else...and no matter if she has an audience or not, I know she'll be a rock star for Jesus.