Justin, Ali, and Kenidee

I don't have much time these days to write about the people I photograph.  But I can MAKE time for this.  This is my sister Ali and her husband Justin.  They are expecting their first baby in three weeks and I am ridiculously excited to meet her.  The thing is... I KNOW that Ali is going to be an incredible mom.  Some people are just so hard-wired for mothering...and Ali is one of them.  She has always had this quiet, sweet, gentle heart.  She has always loved to cook and do crafts.  She is patient with her nieces and nephews...and she takes care of kids for a living now...something that comes easy for her.  I really can't express how much I love and respect this girl (and how much I adore her husband).  They are an incredible team and will make unbelievable parents!  

Thank you for the opportunity, Ali, to photograph you (all 20 minutes of it in the freezing cold!).  Congrats to you and Justin!