Samantha McKim - Senior Portraits

It's hard to believe I held this girl in my arms 19 years ago when she was born!  Samantha is my dad's cousin's daughter.... so I have no idea what that makes us.  But I do know that we are family!  Love this girl and her parents!  So thankful for the opportunity to spend some time capturing these pics! 

Ending a Chapter...

I recently had the opportunity to take pictures of some friends who are ending a long chapter in their home.  Having moved twelve times in the past twelve years, I can relate to the bittersweet feeling of ending a chapter of firsts.  But I would be lying to say I can empathize with having brought my babies home and experienced all of their firsts within the confines of one solitary landmark.  I can imagine it is painful and surreal...exciting and scary.  So...a toast: To new firsts; to the inner workings of the family system that never change, despite location; to love that binds and walls that surround and comfort and remind us that we are united by far more than land and brick and wood.