Library Kids

My good friend Jen kept telling me about her good friend Liz who I just had to meet.  Well, even though Jen had moved across the ocean by the time I finally met Liz, I knew from our first few minutes together why Jen wanted us to meet.  Ahhhhhh, a kindred spirit.  

I had a great time photographing her kids as we hung out at the Central Library.  I feel so honored whenever anyone invites me into their family's life for an hour or two...because I KNOW how crazy being a mother can get, especially in public...especially in public places where people are supposed to be quiet.  If Liz's short hair and funky style don't scream bravery, then perhaps her letting me take pictures of her kids in a library DOES!

Thanks for playing along Liz!  Your kids were WONDERFUL!  I can't wait to hang with you again!