About Me

Hi! I'm Cristi. The bottom line is this: You have a story to tell.  I like to tell stories.  I like to bring my knowledge and studies of photography and art to your home or your park or your city.  I like to bring my passion for humanity, for seeing the beauty in each person, into your and your family's lives. The result is magical.  Because I like to magnify your beautiful qualities.  Because I like to amplify the personality of your family by making portraits that will line the walls of your entryway, your stairwell, your baby's room, forever.  

But beyond the bottom line(s):

The great thing about the way we will work together is that I know you and your family are unique.  I have three kids of my own and I KNOW that no two kids are alike, no matter how much they have in common.  It's important that I capture your family's uniqueness from behind the lens.  It's important to me because, in my other profession as a mental health therapist, I have learned the art of listening to people in order that I can understand their story and the very special qualities that set them apart from anyone else in the world.  Each person, every family, has inherent qualities that deserve to be explored, highlighted, and shared with the world. That's where my job as a photographer and your uniqueness as a family get together and make magic.  

Let's make some magic happen!